•  A professor once said, “Don’t bite my finger.  Look where I am pointing.”  That applies here.  Before you object, check out the material.

     •  Special Relativity (SR) is thought to be the correct description of unaccelerated (inertial reference frame) motion, with Newtonian Mechanics (NM) an adequate approximation at low relative speeds.  However, a careful examination of the mathematical nature of Special Relativity (SR) shows that it can be derived directly from Newtonian Mechanics (NM) and, in so doing, that there is an exact one-to one relationship between the SR and NM description of a given physical situation.  In fact, two quantities thought to be exclusive to SR have identical meanings in NM, both qualitatively and quantitatively.  This is shown in detail in the paper entitled “A Simple Special Relativity Model” which easily explains the ‘twin paradox’, why c is a maximum speed limit, and makes the concepts of SR easy to understand.  You may also click “SR Model” here or in the upper right for this paper.

  •  If you don't like 'models' to describe Special Relativity (SR), an article using only the Special Relativity (SR) equations and nothing else illustrates the same concepts.  It is titled "The Meanings of Time in Special Relativity".  You may also click "SR Time" here or in the upper right corner to examine this paper.

  •  Furthermore, another article shows that  NM can be mathematically derived directly and only from SR!  An example of this equivalence: a relative velocity between reference frames (objects) of 0.6c in SR is the same as a relative velocity of 0.75c in NM.  It gets better at higher velocities.  Of course, the SR velocity never exceeds c.  This is completely detailed in How to derive Newtonian Mechanics Directly from Only the Equations of Special Relativity.  You may also click rel NM from SR here or in the upper right for this paper.

    • Einstein published an interesting short paper entitled “ Does The Inertia Of A Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?”.  There is a lot to be learned from a re-examination of this paper.  For this analysis and the paper, you may click on the title or Energy & Mass here or in the upper right corner.

    • It is a principal of Special Relativity (SR) that the Interval between two events is the same in all reference frames moving with respect to each other, where the definition of the Interval “I” is given in the above diagram.  Using the Interval and the transform equations, a correspondence diagram similar to the above can always be constructed for two reference frames or objects moving with respect to each other.  Click NM SR diagram here or above right for the explanation.

Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity

The above diagram shows the corresponding locations in two reference frames moving with respect to each other according to the Special Relativity (SR) transform equations.  Click here for explanation.