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    Who am I?  Where did I come from?  What went wrong (evil)?  [If you don’t believe in evil in the world, maybe you just never watch the nightly news.]  What is my destiny?  These are basic questions.  Some people answer that everything is here by random chance with the Theory of Evolution as an important example.

     Consider a tray of white sand.  Take some sand of various colors and place the grains on the white sand to form a sand painting.  When you are satisfied with your painting, shake the sand up in the air a little and let it fall back to the bottom of the tray.  What is happening to your painting?  Is this random falling back of the sand messing up your beautiful painting and resulting in mixing all the grains together randomly toward a relatively uniform color?  Do it some more.  Is the tendency toward a more uniform color?  As you continue your shaking, do you see any tendency for the sand grains to form into anything you could call a sand painting similar to yours?  This is the result of the random motion of the sand grains.  With this ‘experiment’ in mind, consider whether randomness can create paintings, buildings, autos, or complex life, even with ‘survival of the fittest’ added in in the latter case.

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    To randomly evolve life undoubtedly would have required a number of events with low probability to occur successfully about the same time.  To see a simple actual example of what can be accomplished randomly, read Evolutionary Odds”.

    A great book which covers this topic well from a scientific point of view is “How Now Shall We Live” by Charles (Chuck) Colson and Nancy Pearcey, published by Tyndale House.  I assume Pearcey provided most of the science part.  It also discusses the various worldviews that lie at the root of cultural conflict and the answers of these various worldviews to the four questions beginning this page.  

    Another scientific view of this subject is “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science” by Tom Bethell which has three excellent chapters covering topics related to evolution, along with other ‘scientific’ myths in the rest of the book.