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    American Medicine is a technological marvel and a systemic disaster.  The problem is that medical care is treated differently than other economic goods and services.  This results in much higher costs, rationing, and attempts to solve the problems with more of what caused the problems in the first place!  Click above or on “Satisfaction vs. costs” to learn what some of the problems and solutions are.  They’re really quite basic.

    In addition, the problem of malpractice aggravates everything else.  Malpractice is part of the larger problem of tort liability.  Click above or on “Malpractice” to see the basic problem and reasonable solution to both malpractice and tort liability.

    The two above articles were written in 1992.  They are still applicable because there has been little basic change since.  One small change for the better has been Health Savings Accounts combined with high deductible health insurance.  Click above or on “Real Health Insurance” to understand the principles of real insurance that would relatively quickly put health care costs where they should be (according to consumers and providers, just as it is for food, furniture, calculators, etc.) and provide relatively inexpensive insurance to cover disastrous costs.

Why are the majority of NBA basketball players obese according to the Body Mass Index (BMI)?  The answer lies in the incorrect physics of the BMI!  

     Why are the majority of NBA basketball players obese according to the very widely used Body Mass Index (BMI)?  The incorrect physics of the BMI is explained in tje "BMI is seriously flawed" article.