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Einstein’s Special Relativity, Civilization, Medicine, Culture, Aviation, and Miscellaneous.


    In Einstein’s Special Relativity (SR), time is qualitatively different from the usual (Newtonian) concept of time.  How about velocity?  Why can nothing go faster than the speed of light in Relativity?  There is a quantity in Special Relativity that is exactly the same as the time of Newtonian Mechanics in all reference frames.  What is it?  Is there a simple model that can make the nature of 'time dilation' easily understandable and solve the 'twin paradox?  Click on Special Relativity here, or above, to find out.

Civilization (Economics/Politics)

   What should I be able to force you to do or not do?  Should both parties receive equal value in an exchange?  Can the value of a good or service be determined objectively or does it depend on how much human labor produced it—or something else?  Are you aware that including money in the definition of wealth causes serious misunderstanding of both money and wealth?  Did you know that creating enough jobs in a free economy is not a problem?  That poverty is not a ‘something’?  What should the minimum wage be?  These are extremely important basic questions for which wrong answers will lead to disastrous policies, both public and private, and the answers are not as obvious as they might seem.   Check for discussion and answers at Civilization , clicking either here or on the menu bar.


    Why are American healthcare system costs rising so rapidly?  Is rationing services a good way out?  What new laws or third party arrangements would help—or are these part of the problem?  See what the major problems are, what effects they have had, and, most importantly, how to correct them.  Click on Medicine.


    Go to the Culture Page to cover such timely and culturally basic topics as Evolution, Marriage, Abortion, and Islam.  For example:

    Is it reasonable that to evolve complex life, you might have to get more than twenty things in a row correct, each having a 5% (or less) probability?  How likely is that?  Is the fossil record ‘digital’ or ‘analogue’?  Does it make any difference?  Go to Evolution

    What group of people, according to studies, have the most enjoyable sex?  The answer might surprise you.  What about living together in a ‘trial marriage’ to see if real marriage would work out?  The answer again might surprise you.  Go to Marriage

    Abortion, like any medical procedure, has complications which affect some women.  But are there effects of abortion which affect all women who have an abortion?  There are even societal effects of abortion.  If someone is upset about an abortion, did you know there is a web site that explains and helps in the necessary grieving process?  Go to Abortion

    Is Islam basically a peaceful religion?  How can you tell?  How about examining Islam’s teachings from the Quran and other scriptures sacred to Islam?  Go to Islam

    The Culture page has information on Evolution, Marriage, Abortion, and Islam, at least some of which you probably haven’t seen before.  Go to the Culture page.


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