may ‘solve’ one problem, but creates others.

    The whole subject of abortion can be covered in two sentences:

1. If it’s not a baby, you’re not pregnant!

2.  Without exception, every woman who has an abortion gets to ask, “I wonder how old little George(tte) would be now—for the rest of her life.

   If the above statement upset you or would upset someone you know, please, please go to the Rachel’s Vineyard website rachelsvineyard.org for hope and healing.  Read through the entire website but especially the "emotions" section to understand the need for healing and how it may be accomplished.  

    We all need to know the effects that issues related to statement number 2. above have had on many women (and men).   “Emotional Effects of Abortion” will give an introduction to the unintended consequences of Abortion (as will the Rachel’s Vineyard web site referred to above).  Click Emotional Effects of Abortion to appreciate the extent of the pain that can occur.

    Does abortion have any ‘societal’ effects other than on those involved?  Unfortunately, yes, as you will discover when you read “When the Doll Breaks”, which is the second half of Emotional Effects of Abortion.

    Another good source of related information is the book ”Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion” by Theresa Burke with David Reardon.

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